Writing My First Book (ahhhh)

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I’ve just hit ‘send’ on the first draft of my first book.Very soon it’ll be heading out to publishers, the first important step in getting it ‘out there’.

You may have read, in a previous post, that I am writing this book after entering a competition. Women in Football launched an initiative to encourage more female writers and I decided to enter. I am not a writer, I am a broadcaster, but I do feel I have a story to tell, one that can help others.

As I sat down to write, the words just poured out of me, I guess it was easy because I was writing my story, my journey and one I hadn’t had a chance to reflect on as I was always too busy. It was my journey in the football presenting world and my journey through motherhood, I called it: ‘The Real Life, football, motherhood and me.’

Me at Twitter HQ after winning my Highly Commended award

I won a Highly Commended award and was encouraged to publish my story, but as I started to go over it, I realised there was an important message in there, not just one about football, not just one about presenting, but one about following your dreams, no matter what they are and so my ‘new angle’ started to take shape.

My book is about not giving up, it’s about daring to dream big and entering a world that’s ‘not for you.’ It’s about throwing hard work at a dream and believing in the long game, not being put off by rejection.

Hard work is more important than talent alone

My career has been littered with twists and turns, closed doors and steps down, but no matter what was thrown at me, this was the career I had sacrificed so much for, and I wasn’t going to let go.

I’ve been so lucky to interview so many great characters in the game and they reinforced my belief that hard work is more important than talent alone.

Me with some of the inspirational footballers and managers I’ve interviewed.

And so I want to share my story, for anyone who is told they can’t do something , don’t take ‘no’ as the end, it’s just the starting point.