I had Covid-19

th November 2020   Alison Bender   Fitness Personal

“You’ve had Covid? How was it?” It’s a question I get asked a lot, and the answer is not simple. If I say “it was bad” it feels like I’m undermining the thousands of people that actually were really bad, those who were hospitalised and struggling to breathe. But if I say “fine” then it […]

Sexism still rife in our game

th October 2020   Alison Bender   Football Uncategorised

What Hair Gel do you use? So I admit it is a dumb question (and one I knew I’d get a tonne of stick for). Perhaps I’d even have rolled my eyes myself at such a question. After a great performance on his Chelsea Premier League debut it was certainly not one he was expecting […]

Writing My First Book (ahhhh)

rd September 2020   Alison Bender   Personal Women/ motherhood

I’ve just hit ‘send’ on the first draft of my first book.Very soon it’ll be heading out to publishers, the first important step in getting it ‘out there’. You may have read, in a previous post, that I am writing this book after entering a competition. Women in Football launched an initiative to encourage more […]

Talent Takes Time

rd September 2020   Alison Bender   Football Women/ motherhood

Want to work in sports journalism? Already work in it and need some advice about how to stay the distance? Want to hear some of the challenges faced, tips and truths? Stop right here. During lockdown I heard so many stories about the challenges facing budding journalists, and with so few women in the sports […]

Footballer of The Year 19/20

th July 2020   Alison Bender   Uncategorised

The FWA have just announced their footballer of the year. Jordan Henderson, and I couldn’t be happier for him. I cast my vote, leaving it as late as I could so I could consider as much of the season as possible, and unlike most years it was a pretty tricky decision. For me, it had […]

A day in the life of a Premier League Football Reporter: What will the new normal look like?

th May 2020   Alison Bender   Football

I’ve always seen my industry as being bullet proof. I’m so lucky it has provided me with endless work. Never did I expect a situation like this though. Of course, no one could have predicted it. No football! None!

Coronavirus: Week 5 of lockdown

th April 2020   Alison Bender   Personal

So lockdown happened and guess what? Family time is in abundance, no football, so lots more headspace, therefore leaving more ‘me time.’ Like a Fairy Godmother who had granted my three wishes.

Should We Void The 2019-20 Premier League Season?

th April 2020   Alison Bender   Football Uncategorised

A debate… I just listened to (and participated in) an hour debate on whether the 2019-20 Premier League season should be void or not and I have to admit the very persuasive speakers changed my mind. Fair play to Debate Mate and all the speakers, in these challenging times it was great to be part […]

Becoming a Veggie: Trust In Yourself

th October 2019   Alison Bender   Fitness Personal

I know we are often told to live in the moment, but I’m one of those sentimental types who often reflect on times gone by. I see nothing wrong with it. I’ve been writing a diary since I was eight years old and every now and again I escape to the loft and flick through […]

That mum face!

th October 2019   Alison Bender   Personal Women/ motherhood

You know the one, brow furrowed, deep in thought, concerned and distracted. I catch myself doing it often. I’m usually rushing somewhere, and I’m usually one toddler tantrum away from absolutely losing it. You see it everywhere and often when you catch someone’s eye doing ‘that face’ his or her expression softens a little and […]