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This one is for Vikki Orvice

th January   Alison Bender   Personal

Such is the nature of our world these days; I read the terrible news on twitter. As I dashed out of a meeting and onto the tube I scrolled to the top and there was a tweet from Alex Scott. “Deeply saddened to hear the news of Vikki Orvice passing this morning” My mouth just fell open, right there and then, and it just stayed there. “No, it can’ t be?” I couldn’t quite believe it. I was so shocked and sad, my eyes stung.


th June   Alison Bender   Personal

Well how could I not write a blog on Father’s day when my husband is being “Super Dad”? Yes I know the kids are both of ours and I shouldn’t be grateful that he’s simply doing what parents do, but he is going above and beyond by holding the fort for five weeks while I’m here in Russia, which means a whole lot of bath and bedtimes (which I can tell you are both wonderful and exhausting in equal measure), night time wake ups from the kids and I doubt any social life. Hats off to all the single parents out there. What a job you do.