I wrote my first article for The Sun (in a play cafe!)

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My two year old daughter was pushing dolls around in a buggy and I was trying to write my first article for The Sun

I talk about ‘the juggle’ all the time, so I thought I’d give you a real life example. I’d been asked to write my first article for The Sun, which was a pretty exciting prospect. I’d submitted my ‘idea’ just before the school run. It’s the summer so I’m taking a bit of a breather before the Premier League season starts and spending a lot of time with the kids, but when opportunities present themselves you can’t say no.

As I got to the school gates I opened an email. They liked the article but wanted me to make a few tweaks. There I was pushing a buggy, dropping off a five year old and heading straight off to a fitness class (baby in tow). I’ve organised my life so I am able to do things with my baby which means leaping around doing weights and cardio with her watching on (and sometimes joining in). I knew I didn’t have a minute, let alone 20 to make changes, but this was my first article, I had to find a way.

So as she played dress up, wheeled dollies around and jumped on a bouncy castle, there I was bashing out an article about Chelsea and Frank Lampard. It wasn’t ideal, but I’ve come to accept if I want to do both it can’t be perfection, and I have to be cool with that.

My early days at Chelsea TV (circa 2007)

What would I do without my army of amazing ‘mum friends’ who know the struggle. One of my closest mum friends helped entertain her while I could hit ‘send’ and carry on with my day. She builds websites herself and has done many in similar circumstances, she knows.

Being a mum has made me so efficient because there simply is no room not to be. I never do one task at a time, and it seems the busier I get the more I can get done.

I hadn’t heard back and was playing hide n’ seek or something and my phone pinged. The article had gone up. I couldn’t help but smile to myself, I could have said no but I ‘m so pleased I didn’t.

Here’s to the start of more writing for The Sun, oh and here’s the article if you fancy a quick read!

Ali x