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I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now, now this is going to sound very shallow indeed but we all love a freebie right? I’ve just stepped out of one of my favourite fitness shops Lululemon with a bag of free clothes! I had three people running around handing me various pieces and now I have a gorgeous bag full of stuff, I can’t wait to get in the gym.

I never thought I’d ever be brave enough to show my tummy less than two years after having my baby but this combo actually works. High-waisted leggings and a low tummy top and hey presto, just don’t ask me to plank!

It was all a bit of a happy accident. I’d gone to work out with my PT Mel Deane (who I could write an entire blog about, he’s the best in the land!) and he’d double booked me (he’s so damn busy to be fair) so I ended up having to work out with this guy, who turned out to be “Mr. Lululemon” with the authority to do that kind of thing. Amazing.

I got the most incredible soft pair of leggings that feel like my own skin. Try stopping me wearing them EVERY day. Oh yes I’ve turned into that “leisurewear mum.” Oh dear. It’ a great excuse for looking sloppy at school pickup because you can get away with wearing no makeup and having greasy hair and looking a little less terrible simply because you are faking that you are going to do some exercise.

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I mean most days I have the intention of doing some “form” of exercise, but I count things like taking my kids to the trampoline place or crawling around the floor scraping up leftovers that my one-year old has chucked onto the floor in that too. Leggings are the perfect attire for general “mumming”.

I’m also going to wear them to yoga, I’m in love with yoga, I’m not fussy what type, the hot one, the cold one, the fast one the slow one, the one in my bedroom or the posh place Bhuti up Richmond Hill. Ten minutes on my back thinking about NOTHING is what every mum needs after a hard day with the kids, and I can fit right in with “the Richmond set” with my new wardrobe!

So anyway back to the fitness, I did have a point, I’m sure I did.

I heard a great phrase the other day “summer bodies are made in winter”. Ha! I guess that’s what I’m doing right now, it’s cold and miserable and windy, but I’m getting my ass in the gym even though no one can see it, not right now.

Fitness England

As I’ve said in another of my blogs, after I had my second baby I decided I wanted to go on a bit of a fitness push. I’ve never really done fitness for the sake of looking good, it’s always been for fun and enjoyment, but this was different, I was fed up with the way I looked and I wanted to feel like me again. One of the worst things is the mirror in changing rooms that allows you to see your back. When I saw my back fat it made me sad. I know I need to accept that this body has birthed two babies and I should be proud of all the stretch marks and loose skin and fat, but it’s hard to accept this new body and I figured I’d like to at least try to see what I can do.

So I found Mel, an Irish ex Rugby guy with a wicked sense of humour who is just the guy I needed and hey presto. I see him about once a week (loosely) and he makes me lift weights! I’m always posting about him on my Instagram. Check it out! Something I never did before but I love it, and crucially I’m seeing a big difference in my body, I’m so much stronger and it puts me in a great mood. He’s even improved my running technique (and I hate running) by making me stronger. I had no idea that would happen.

I’ve also just started something a little bit crazy, mainly because I’m lazy and a 20 minute workout that promises to deliver the equivalent of 90 mins is right up my street. You strap on a bad ass Lara croft style body suit and get loads of electrical pulses pumped onto your muscles. The girl who teaches me is utterly passionate and has a body to die for, so that was me sold. It’s called EMS and it’s It’s basically like a tens machine (brings me back to that terrible day of labour) but I actually love the feeling. Not the labour, you understand. Watch this space…

Ali x