I wrote my first article for The Sun (in a play cafe!)

st June 2019   Alison Bender   Personal Women/ motherhood

I talk about ‘the juggle’ all the time, so I thought I’d give you a real life example. I’d been asked to write my first article for The Sun, which was a pretty exciting prospect. I’d submitted my ‘idea’ just before the school run. It’s the summer so I’m taking a bit of a breather […]

“They called me an author!”

th June 2019   Alison Bender   Personal Women/ motherhood

“They just called me an author!” That sounds nice. I have never been called an author before.

I’ve just been shortlisted for a writing competition (The inaugural Vikki Orvice prize) and to be honest I feel a little emotional. I have kept a diary since I was about eight years old (I love ‘offloading’) but I have never tried to write anything properly other than the odd magazine column and I didn’t know if I could do it. I was feeling so many emotions when I finally pressed the ‘submit’ button, a mixture of fear, embarrassment and also excitement, and to hear I have made the final five makes me want to sob, really, really hard.

Fitness and free stuff

th January 2019   Alison Bender   Fitness

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now, now this is going to sound very shallow indeed but we all love a freebie right? I’ve just stepped out of one of my favourite fitness shops Lululemon with a bag of free clothes! I had three people running around handing me various pieces and now I have a gorgeous bag full of stuff, I can’t wait to get in the gym.

This one is for Vikki Orvice

th January 2019   Alison Bender   Personal

Such is the nature of our world these days; I read the terrible news on twitter. As I dashed out of a meeting and onto the tube I scrolled to the top and there was a tweet from Alex Scott. “Deeply saddened to hear the news of Vikki Orvice passing this morning” My mouth just fell open, right there and then, and it just stayed there. “No, it can’ t be?” I couldn’t quite believe it. I was so shocked and sad, my eyes stung.


th January 2019   Alison Bender   Fitness

I wrote this blog a year ago after completing Veganuary, and I wanted to post it to say that a year has passed and the things I learned in that month have really stuck with me. So it’s never too late to try something new, push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn (or unlearn) things.

Here’s what I really want to say about Jose…and didn’t really get a chance to

th December 2018   Alison Bender   Football

That’s the thing about TV interviews, you get your 4 or 5 minutes and just as you start to get into a point it’s over. That was me at 7am this morning with legend Peter Shilton on Good Morning Britain. I was on with Piers Morgan so I’d always expected to be interrupted, but now there were 4 of us all trying to get a word in. That’s the thing about Mourinho, there is just so much to talk about. I used to have a list of things he had done that were out of character, but that list got so long I guess at some point you have to accept, this IS his character, this is him now.

We need to talk about miscarriage

th October 2018   Alison Bender   Women/ motherhood

I was standing in a tunnel at West Ham waiting for interviews, as I always do, as I have done for years. Negotiating with press officers, chatting to fellow reporters, memorising questions and joking with security, but something was different this time around. I was taking painkillers and experiencing terrible cramps and heavy bleeding after I had lost my first baby. I don’t want sympathy. The choice was mine to return to work, I wanted to take my mind off it, doing what I do is the best thing for me. My husband tried to stop me, but presenting gives me strength so off I went, microphone in hand, little secret in my head.

England’s journey is over, but mine is not

th July 2018   Alison Bender   Football

The England fans to my right were going crazy, I was going crazy, at that moment (albeit in the 5th minute) England were going to a World Cup final. I leaned over to my colleague and mouthed: “It’s a bit early to score though isn’t it?” That game seemed to last an eternity, I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the clock so many times. With every passing minute England looked more and more fatigued and Croatia looked more and more energised, this wasn’t supposed to happen, Croatia were supposed to be shattered.

England won on Penalties!

th July 2018   Alison Bender   Football

I watched England win on penalties. It took me a good 24 hours to calm down. I was so wired. That night I couldn’t sleep and the next day I had to ask myself if it was a dream. It took a five-hour stroll in Gorky Park to finally wind down.

The “before” pic is the one that matters

th July 2018   Alison Bender   Women/ motherhood

So I know a few brave mums have done this already, but I wanted to show you a little something. When you look at this before and after pic, you automatically think the first picture is one with a baby in my tummy. WRONG!